the Happiness, “I Choose."

Happiness is as Happiness does right? From the point of choosing happiness you begin to attract that of which you want. Making the choice to be happy opens up the doors to who you truly are. Our “Happiness” Intention Crystal Pillow©️ is designed to focus your energy and attention towards the choice of happiness no matter who or what.

Which is why this Intention is paired with both Carnelian and Desert Rose Healing Crystals to work with. After working with your crystals, place it in it’s very own pocket located atop the pillow for safe keeping until it’s next use.

"TheHappiness" Intention Crystal Pillow© is one of 9 pillows in the MizaNur Designs Intention Crystal Pillow© Collection. Each pillow is designed with a specific intention in mind. The ideal behind each pillow is to offer a tangible component to the spiritual aspect of what is known to the Law of Attraction world as setting intentions. This pillow can also serve as a keepsake item or a decorative addition to any area.

"How do you set your Intentions?"

MizaNur Pillow Dimensions: 17X11

Pocket Depth: 4.5 inches


100% Cotton

Locally Handcrafted and Designed

*Each pillow is individually handcrafted and designed, there will be slight variations in the item you receive.

What’s included?

1 “Happiness” Intention Crystal Pillow

1 set of Specified Healing Crystals 

Information Cards

*Candle Sold Separately

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